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The Comprehensive Doctor-Patient Solution

eClinic is a Doctor-Patient software. Every part of the software has been designed thoughtfully to further increase a doctor's efficiency as well as giving the patient the best consultation possible.

User Interface

A user interface should always be friendly and eClinic is just that! The GUI (Graphical User Interface) is made for any type of user : from the beginner to the expert! Furthermore, eClinic's flat design allows for an easy and clear understanding of the different graphical components in the application. Finally eClinic is totally customizable : from colors to components, anything can be changed to the user's liking.


eClinic has 7770 drugs embedded within the application (including dosage for adult and children). This allows doctors to prescribe medication easily (autocompletion for drug's name) and accurately (autocompletion for drug's dosage)

Moreover, the fact that previously entered data (patient's record such as medical history) is easily accessible further increases the consultation's efficiency.

Printing Medecial Reports and Prescriptions can be done by just a click.


eClinic is secured by a login/password combination and roles assignment within the application. However, on the internet, data transmission has been encrypted. Hence Doctor-Patient confidentiality is preserved even when using the Internet version of the application.


eClinic can be enriched with additional features, as per a doctor's requirement. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact me using the form below.


The application is now available on Windows Platforms in three different versions : Internet (1+ Users), Local (1 User), Local Shared (private server with 1+ Users).

For a quotation please send an email to : or use the contact form below.


A free demo (internet version) is available here (login & password : demo)

Notes :

  • - Switching between versions is possible
  • - The Mobile Versions (iOS/Android/Windows Phone) will be released in early 2015.

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About Me

About Me

After a two-year work experience in a mobile development company and graduated with a Master Of Science Degree in "Ingénierie des Applications Mobiles" at ESGI (Ecole Superieure de Genie Informatique), I develop mobile applications for the general public, professionals and businesses in several programming languages and operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows ...)

Main area of expertise : iOS

I have been an iOS Developer since the release of the first iPhone.

I have been working on several iOS projects and also managed a few since then.

Language Skills

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Development Skills

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  • Windows Phone (C#)

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