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iChiro for iOS


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Available on all iPads (including Retina, Air, Mini and Pro) running iOS 8+

iChiro is specifically designed by a developer-patient(me) and various Chiropractors!

iChiro is therefore a specialized application for Chiropractors, allowing you to efficiently manage your patients, consultations, treatment plans, calendar and documents

With iChiro you can :

  • - Search patients with lightning speed and access their data efficiently
  • - Edit the current patient from the Home page, based on his appointment's date and time.
  • - Benefit from a well structured way of diagnosis and treatment.
  • - Send prefilled reports via email.
  • - Manage your accounting : set prices and view all payments from the Account page.
  • - Securely backup your data using iCloud (optional)
  • - Work simultaneously with other Chiropractors using the same iCloud account

About Me

The mini history of Shaheel CAUNHYE

I was born somewhere in the indian ocean, on an exotic island called Mauritius. Gaming with great graphics has been my passion for quite some time until I discovered programming ^^ Little did I know that I was going to be a developer as I set out to become a Lawyer in the first place, while learning to program all by myself. Today, thanks to the wonderful country known as France, with great teachers, classmates and school, I was able to achieve that dream! So thank you France!

My Works

Ever since the release of the first iPhone, I started learning iPhone OS development (that's what it was called at that time). Since then, I decided to study in mobile development and drop out of Law School in the UK.

After a two-year work experience in a mobile development company and graduated with a Master Of Science Degree in "Ingénierie des Applications Mobiles" at ESGI (Ecole Superieure de Genie Informatique), I have been developing applications for the general public, professionals and businesses in several programming languages and major operating systems, mainly iOS, Android and Windows.

My portfolio will give you a better idea of what i've been dealing with ^^

Language Skills

  • Objective-C/Swift
  • PHP
  • C
  • C#/Java/C++
  • Html/Css/Javascript

Development Skills

  • iOS (Objective- C/Swift)
  • Web (php, html, css, & js)
  • Windows Apps (C/C#/C++)
  • Android (Java)
  • Windows Phone (C#)

Note : it's hard to judge yourself so I asked some friends to do it for me, as honestly as they possibly can ^^

Contact Me

Paris 75016,


SIRET (Business Identification Number) : 80906887700020